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Images from the novels of Iain M Banks

This is the first image made in Truespace 2. PLEASE NOTE: This image is taken directly from one of the UK IMB covers by Mark Salwowski (The State of the Art). It is not my idea and credit for it should lie with the original artist (copyright 1995). I reproduced it, partly as an exercise, because it is my favourite of the IMB covers, and I wanted to be able to do an animation of it.
A salute to the absolut vodka adverts, now I can finally throw away the (empty, more's the pity) absolut bottle that I've had on my desk for weeks.
One of the command trains from the Dra'Azon planet of the dead from Consider Phlebas
A new thought on the structure of a systems vehicle (of some kind - not sure how big this is :)

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