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Latest attempt at prowhall scene from castle Klaff, first draft, lighting not finished. 
A scene with the uniwheel car that is shown in one of the other galleries, lazygun in the foreground. 
A lazygun... set against a dark background of course ;) 
An idiran, not finished now, and unlikely to be for some time...70k 800x600 
Clear Air Turbulence from Consider Phlebas. Not final texture yet ~22k 800x600
From "Use of Weapons". The only picture I've ever done that made me feel ill whilst doing it. 
Still from video, a small (medium or limited) systems vehicle.
Likewise a still from a video, a simple lowish polygon model of a module in a smallbay or hangar.
Source as above, motion blurred still image of the inside central passageway of the systems vehicle.
A second still of the pittance ship store (somebody said it'd look better from the ground) used in the video mentioned above.
A military drone, only a little one, no specific book.

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